Welcome! My name is Nikki DiSanto. I’m grateful you are taking the time to visit my website. Id like to share a bit about myself with you. Hopefully it gives you an inviting feeling because you are so welcomed here.

I grew up in Southern California which allowed me opportunities at a young age, in the modeling industry. The first job I booked was at the age of 16 for a fitness campaign. It was so fun! I was an active young adult, gravitating towards fitness and fashion modeling. I loved cycling too and did it almost daily after school at least 30 miles! I loved riding my bike to Sea World and or Fashion Island which was about 17 miles give or take from my house! I can still smell the fresh air! :)

Keeping fit is a passion of mine as well Golf since a youth! I LOVED golf from the moment I started playing. I even played on the boys golf team for my High School. That was a complete blast! I have such great memories of those days and am still friends with the boys and one other gal who played for our High School! :)

Aside from Modeling golf and sports, one of my first after school jobs was working at a local gym where I enjoyed training people. It was so gratifying. I loved helping others reach their potential at a young age! Also, I taught group fitness classes. It was a rush to be in front of large groups of people. At first I was nervous, but, the main feeling I got from teaching others was, fulfillment and satisfaction. I believe the rush I got from working with large groups of individuals is what inspired my dream to get into acting and TV hosting.

My TV career has mainly been as a TV Host! I love hosting and Entertainment Reporting. That is such fun! Aside from that, I have appeared in TV commercials such as Loreal to the USGA golf association-two very different markets, but both noteworthy and very fulfilling.

I am grateful my skills range from professional golfer to Model, actor as well as, Athletic Trainer.



Blade Supporting Stephen Norrington
Miasma Lead Ryan Effner
Silent Target Lead Jason Siner
Third Eye Open Lead Chris Hart



C. S. I. Guest Star Jeffrey Hunt
Sureal Life Host VH1
Kicked Out Co-Star ABC
Doin It Right Co-Star Showtime
Temptation Street Co-Star E!
Entertainment Hour Host International Channel
Golf in the Great Northwest Host Comcast
Entertainment Reporter Host Bravo Channel
Big Break Reunion Host Golf Channel
Brig Break V Host Golf Channel



Master Class/Scene Study On-Going Ivana Chubbuck
Brian Reise Cold Reading
Groundlings Improv Level II
Scene Study John Kirby
Scene Study Darrel Hickman

Commercials and Industrials


List Available Upon Request

Hosting Reel



Acting Reel


Personal Fitness Certifications include, Certified Personal Trainer, Olympic Strength Coach, Prefessional Golfer, Certified Nutritionist, Certified TRX, Certified Yoga Instructor,

Physical Characteristics / Measurements


Height: 5’8″ Weight: 124 lbs Eyes: Brown
Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: Long

Professional Golfer, Personal Trainer, Athletic trainer, Triathlon, Nutritionist,
Reikei Master, Yoga Instructor, All Team Sports Baseball, Surfing, Cycling, Equestrian English/Western/ Standardbred horse trainer, Frisbee, Martial Arts, Martial- Taekwon do belted, Motor-cross, Rock Climbing, Running, Shooting – Revolver/Automatic, Shooting – Rifle, Stage Firearms, Guitar, Improvisation,Teleprompter,
Accents, British – BBC English Accent, Cockney Accent, Italian Accent, New York Accent, Russian Accent, Southern Accent, Spanish Accent, Fluent Spanish